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IWA-test dike at the Federal School Hoya of the German Relief Organisation THW | 2017

Research project DeichSCHUTZ

Development of systems to decrease the buoyant force in fragile dikes

Extreme flooding events clearly indicate the enormous material and personnel efforts, which are necessary to prevent dikes against failure. Furthermore, the defence of dikes need time, a scarce good in case of flooding. The deployment of the available sandbag constructions often result in dike failures, because protection measures cannot be installed timely and sufficiently. Regarding these aspects, the development of more personnel-, material- and time-effective protection systems is advised.

The aim of the project DeichSCHUTZ is the development of an innovative protection system to stabilize fragile dikes during flood events. The protection system, laid at the outer slope of a water-loaded dike, shall decrease the seepage line inside the dike and shall thereby stabilise the fragile construction without further load application at the inner dike slope. Hereby, a dike stabilisation shall be enabled by minor use of material, personnel, and time. Amongst others, a testing dike has been built at the Federal School Hoya of the German Relief Organisation THW to develop and test models and prototypes.

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Construction of a test dike at the Federal School Hoya of the German Relief Organisation THW

Funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research BMBF on the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag.

The following institutions and companies are involved in the cooperative project:

  • Institute for Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering of the City University of Applied Sciences Bremen
  • Federal School Hoya of the German Technical Relief Organisation THW
  • OPTIMAL Planen- und Umwelttechnik GmbH, Menden